9 simple ways to detox your body

If you are feeling a bit sluggish as the day draws on, there are a number of things you can do to provide a “pick me up”.

According to health expert Maria Benardis in Mind Body Green, not only can the below tips help you get through the day without feeling like there is a brick in your stomach, but they can help detoxify your body for long-term results.

You’ve probably heard of some of these suggestions before, but hearing them and acting on them are two different things.

Why not make the move toward living a better life by detoxifying your body and life? Here are 10 easy ways to help you get started today.

1) Enjoy Water and Lemon

Not only does water taste great and refresh your body, it helps to flush out the toxins that are lingering in your body.

We fill our cups and plates with food and drink that is terrible for us on a regular basis. Even “health” food can be hard to spot these days.

If you want to keep your body as clean as possible, drink water with lemon to help flush out the bad stuff and stay hydrated.

2) Drink Vegetable Juice

There is a lot of evidence that suggests drinking your vegetables is better for your than eating them.

Either way, getting a healthy amount of vegetables into your diet on a regular basis is the goal.

So if you decide to eat your vegetables or drink them, just make time to enjoy them.

Because despite what your 6-year-old self might be telling you, broccoli and brussel sprouts do taste good and are good for you.

3) Reduce Toxic Oil Consumption

It’s easy to reach for any old oil at the supermarket, but watch for oils that are not good for you such as canola oil, vegetable oil, or peanut oil.

Instead, reach for natural oils like extra-virgin olive oi, coconut oil, and hemp oils. You’ll enjoy their robust flavors and the health benefits of cooking with a variety of oils.

4) Sip Green Tea

It’s been long known that green tea helps detoxify the body and promotes good health overall.

If you are interested in starting a detox, sipping green tea is a great place to start. Green tea helps to flush out toxins in your body, promotes increase metabolism, and tastes great.

It’s a great alternative to drinking black coffee.

5) Eat Raw Foods

We have all heard of the raw food movement, but if you can’t stomach eating everything raw, start with some small changes to your diet.

For example, eat more fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and seeds. We enjoy these foods without cooking them on a regular basis so it’s not such a shock to your system, but you’ll reap the benefits of an improved diet overall and feel better because of it.

6) Reduce White Sugar in Your Diet

If you want to detox your body fast, cut out white sugar. Stop eating or reduce the amount of white bread products you eat, as well as the amount of processed food you eat.

Those “healthy” granola bars probably carry 10-12g of sugar. Check the packaging to be sure and start reducing the amount you consume on a regular basis.

It’s going to suck, but you’ll be better off without all that sugar in your diet.

7) Stop Eating White Flour Products

Similar to sugar, white flour products don’t add any nutritional value to your diet either. They sit in your stomach and can cause uncomfortable gas and upset stomach.

Switch your white flour breads for whole grains or even better, avoid bread altogether as you detox your body.

8) Take Probiotics

Probiotics first hit the scene about 10 years ago when yogurt companies were actively adding probiotics to their formulas. And people went crazy for it.

Probiotics help to flush out your system by actually targeting your digestive tract and encouraging good digestion.

9) Be Present and Remove Toxic People

The final thing you can start doing today to help detox your body and life is to remove toxic people from your life.

Stop worrying about what others think of you and focus on what makes you happy. You’ll find that your life starts to change for the better when you start putting yourself first.


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