11 phrases that instantly make you sound more intelligent and thoughtful

Ever been in a conversation and wished you could sound a bit more, well… clever? Or ever wanted your words to leave a lasting impression?

Believe it or not, just adding in a few simple phrases can completely change the game.

Let’s go through 11 phrases that’ll make you sound instantly smarter and more thoughtful.

1. “Let’s look at this another way”

This little gem of a phrase shows you’re open to exploring all sides of a topic. It’s not about stirring things up, but about encouraging some serious thinking.

Instead of just agreeing or disagreeing with a point, you’re suggesting a different perspective.

This can lead to a more balanced and insightful conversation.

So when you’re in a heated discussion, just drop in this phrase and watch how it changes the dynamics. 

2. “I get what you’re saying, but what about”

This phrase is a real game-changer. It shows that you’re actively listening and respecting another person’s viewpoint, but also nudging them to consider a different perspective.

This not only makes the conversation more engaging, but it also showcases your ability to think critically.

When someone shares an opinion, try responding with this phrase followed by your own thought. You’ll be amazed at how it deepens the conversation. 

3. “That’s an interesting thought. Can you tell me more?”

This phrase is all about showing genuine interest and curiosity.

It encourages the other person to share more, and it shows that you’re not just passively listening but truly engaged in the conversation.

I remember once being in a discussion about climate change, and instead of just nodding along, I used this phrase.

The person I was talking to opened up even more, sharing personal experiences and insights that I wouldn’t have heard otherwise.

It truly turned a casual chat into a deep and meaningful conversation. 

4. “Considering”

This is a phrase that can help you connect different ideas together in a logical way.

It shows that you’re not just absorbing information, but actively processing and linking it to other relevant points.

Our brains are naturally wired to seek connections and patterns.

So when you use this phrase, you’re not only sounding smarter, you’re also engaging with others in a way that resonates with how our minds work. 

5. “I think we should focus on”

This phrase is about more than steering the conversation. It’s about recognizing what’s truly important and bringing it into the light.

It shows that you’re not just following along but leading the conversation with thoughtfulness.

It reminds me of a time when everyone was caught up in the details, and it was this phrase that helped us refocus on what mattered most.

It’s a small set of words with a big impact. 

When you feel the conversation losing its essence, don’t hesitate to use this phrase. It might just touch someone’s heart and steer things back in the right direction.

6. “I might be wrong, but”

This humble phrase is a great way to share your thoughts while also showing you’re open to learning from others.

I remember once during a team meeting, I had an idea that seemed a little out of the box. Instead of just blurting it out, I started with “I might be wrong, but…” and shared my thoughts.

The room fell silent for a moment, and then erupted into a productive discussion.

My idea wasn’t entirely correct, but it sparked a conversation that led us to an even better solution.

This phrase not only made me sound thoughtful but also created an open environment for ideas to flow.

7. “That makes me think of”

You know, we all have a wealth of knowledge and experiences tucked away in our minds.

This phrase is like a key that unlocks that treasure chest and lets you bring your unique insights into the conversation.

It’s not about showing off or trying to one-up someone else.

It’s just about connecting on a deeper level. I mean, who doesn’t love when a conversation takes an unexpected turn and you end up discovering common interests or shared experiences?

So don’t be shy to use this phrase. You never know where the conversation might lead.“`html

8. “The way I see it”

This phrase is a respectful way to share your perspective. It shows that you’ve processed the information and formed your own view – an important aspect of thoughtful conversation.

Expressing your opinion can actually make you seem more competent in the eyes of others.

Don’t hesitate to use this phrase when you want to share your thoughts. It can make you sound more intelligent and might just boost others’ perception of you!

9. “I’ve been thinking about”

This phrase is like a secret weapon. It shows that you’ve spent time mulling over a topic, indicating curiosity and thoughtfulness.

I remember using this phrase during a book club meeting once. We were discussing a novel and I said, “I’ve been thinking about the protagonist’s choices…”.

Suddenly, everyone was keen to hear my take on it. Using this phrase made me seem insightful and led to a deeper discussion about the book.

Don’t be afraid to let people know when you’ve been pondering something – it can make your conversations more engaging and meaningful.

10. “Can we go back to”

This phrase right here? It’s a lifesaver. Sometimes, conversations move so fast, we skip over things that need more attention.

Using this phrase is like hitting the pause button. It’s saying, “Hey, that was important. Let’s not rush past it.”

It shows you’re not just along for the ride, you’re actively engaged and present. So next time you feel an important point got swept away in the rush, pull out this phrase.

You might just steer the conversation towards something truly meaningful.

11. “It’s really interesting how”

This is one of my favorite phrases. It shows curiosity and enthusiasm, and boy does it make a conversation come alive!

It’s about appreciating the intriguing twists and turns of a topic. So, whether you’re discussing a movie plot or a scientific breakthrough, don’t hold back.

Use this phrase to share your excitement and encourage others to dive deeper into the topic.

Trust me, it can turn a mundane chat into a truly engaging conversation.

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