10 undervalued personality traits of highly successful people

Do you know what makes a person successful?

In the past, people might have said ambition or drive. But there are actually other personality traits that might be more important to achieving success. 

These undervalued personality traits are part of the secret ingredients that contribute to highly successful people in their respective fields and lives.

The best bit? Anyone can cultivate these personality traits. Let’s begin.

1) They think for themselves

This is the most important personality trait.

Highly successful people are independent thinkers. They don’t just accept things at face value. They think for themselves and carve their own path in life.

This is seen most clearly in highly successful people’s own personal definitions of success. It’s rare that the most successful people have created goals for themselves based on what others think.

Instead, their goals are solely based on their own experience and what they believe is important to them.

2) They’re always learning

Highly successful people never stop growing and improving. They’re constantly reading about new things, attending events and taking classes.

They don’t just learn once in a while to make themselves look good. Instead, they’re constantly reading and learning so that they can constantly improve their lives and the lives of others.

This is different than the learning process we all go through. Most of the time, we’re not really learning much.

Instead, most of what we learn is applied to our own lives or to a field that’s relatively static. And we apply it without thinking about how it’s going to change us or whether it will actually help us in the future.

Highly successful people are always learning and they’re always growing in ways that make a lasting impact on their lives and the lives of others.

3) They take the path less travelled

Highly successful people don’t just follow the herd. Their successes come from trying different things and finding their own way in life.

They might not always be on the safe path, but that’s why they end up achieving what others can’t.

It’s also why highly successful people do many things that others would consider crazy or even impossible. They simply try and try until they find what works for them.

4) They stay away from destructive habits

The highly successful people don’t use destructive habits in search of quick and easy rewards.

Instead, they focus on long term goals and good health. That’s why they’re able to build successful lives without needing quick fixes like alcohol or drugs to get them through hard times. They have the patience and determination to pull through anything.

5) They’re optimists about life and curious about the world around them

Highly successful people are naturally curious about life.

They’re eager to learn new things. They’re constantly talking to new people, exploring new places and trying new things.

This curiosity leads them to have an optimistic view of the world. And this optimism helps them take risks without fear of failure or embarrassment.

6) They stick to their values, beliefs and dreams no matter what’s going on

Highly successful people have a strong sense of who they are. And they stick by it, no matter what they face in life.

This is different than the way most people live their lives. They let external factors influence them and change who they are.

For instance, when highly successful people fail at something, they don’t feel shame or grief because they haven’t let success define them in that area. They take it as a learning experience and move on to continue building a successful life.

7) They have a natural ability to persuade others and influence situations in their favor

Highly successful people don’t manipulate or lie to get what they want. Instead, they’re able to read situations and people accurately and persuade them to their side.

This is a highly underrated trait. The ability to persuade others means that highly successful people never have to use force or manipulation. They know how to communicate with different kinds of people in ways that make them listen.

8) They keep their lives simple

Highly successful people don’t have a lot of stuff. They don’t worry about security or material things because they know that their focus should be on success, not possessions. They do what’s most important and let everything else fall into place naturally.

9) They’re highly disciplined (and they know it)

Highly successful people are highly disciplined. They’re not always excited about starting new projects, but they follow through with them anyway. This is different than the way we think about discipline.

Most of us think discipline means suffering through hard work, overcoming obstacles and trying to avoid mistakes. This is a normal view of discipline.

Highly successful people recognize that discipline isn’t about avoiding mistakes and obstacles. Instead, they understand that the ability to overcome them is at the heart of success. It’s what makes them so successful in the first place.

10) They don’t care what others think

Highly successful people don’t make decisions based on whether it’s going to make others happy or upset.

Instead, they do what’s best for them and don’t worry about anything else.

How to be successful

The key point I’m making is that being successful is all about living an authentic life on your own terms.

If you have a strong sense of who you are and what’s important to you, then everything else will fall into place.

Highly successful people don’t need help from anyone else. They’ve found their success by carving their own path in life and staying true to themselves.

Be yourself and be happy because that’s what matters most in life. The rest will come if you do it right.

If you want to learn how to live and authentic life, I encourage you to check out Out of the Box Live on The Vessel. It’s a fantastic community of people daring to think for themselves and live life on their own terms.

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