10 things people with an alpha personality always do

You’ve been called ambitious, driven, and relentless.

On the other hand, you’ve been called bossy, crazy, uptight, and some other choice words that don’t need mentioning.

It’s okay. You don’t need anyone else’s approval.

The truth is, you just have such a unique and strong personality that separates you from everyone else.

You’re an alpha.

It’s time to embrace your inner beast.

Here are some signs you have an alpha personality:

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1) You effortlessly command attention

alpha personality

Some people have to try hard to be noticed. They talk, dress, and move loudly just to get attention.

But not you.

There’s just something about how you carry yourself, how you look at people, or how commanding you speak—all without having to do a single special thing.

Alphas are naturally attractive. They are innately confident but not fussy about it.

Call it chemistry or sex appeal, but there’s just something about you that draws attention.

2) You’re a natural-born leader

alpha personality

This is old news but it’s still true:

Alphas are natural-born leaders.

They gravitate towards leader positions like a moth to a candle. And people like following them as well.

If you’re someone who finds himself always being picked to lead, that means you are an alpha.

You lead with an iron-grip, but you are also sensitive to those who depend on you.

3) You’re always straightforward

alpha personality

You don’t understand why everyone else is so afraid to say what they mean.

For you, that’s a complete waste of time.

So you say what you really think and take everyone else’s words in face value as well.

You don’t care if you’re insensitive—you’re just always honest. And you believe that ultimately, that’s the best thing for everyone.

The truth hurts, and that’s not your fault.

4) You’re always taking risks

alpha personality

There’s nothing wrong with being safe. Safety means security.

You, however, don’t like safe. Safe is boring.

The riskier something is, the more it excites you.

But unlike other people who go at it blindly, you are smart about the risks you take.

Your intuition always leads you. And when you do fail, you’re confident that you still made the right choice and live with the consequences.

5) You’re emotionally intelligent

alpha personality

You very rarely see alphas lose their cool.

They’re always calm and unhurried—as if nothing or no one ever bothers them.

They don’t engage in petty fights and you can never see their anger simmering outside of the surface.

But don’t be fooled.

Alphas have emotions, too. It’s just they’re able to handle them more effectively.

6) You’re an obsessive learner

alpha personality

You’re always hungry for more.

You’re always curious. When your head is stuck on something you find interesting, you devour everything you can learn about it.

You’re a voracious reader. And you like to be up-to-date about what’s happening in the world.

Alphas are particularly successful in their chosen careers precisely because they’re obsessive learners. They like to delve deep into their expertise and they take their learning very seriously, too.

7) You enjoy (and crave) being alone

alpha personality

Although alphas are quite popular and can hold themselves well in a crowd, they are actually introverts by nature.

If you’re an alpha, you are pulled by a constant need to be alone and recharge from your busy life. You love going away to a peaceful place, whether it be to a quiet beach or a cabin in the woods.

For you, time alone is an opportunity to focus on yourself and do the things you love. While you’re in this zone, you are far more relaxed than in your flow state of working and hustling.

8) You can take care of yourself

alpha personality

Alphas are fighters.

But they are not war-hungry beings.

They are, however, quite protective of themselves and the people they love.

That’s why alphas are not pushovers.

You’re definitely an alpha if you don’t tolerate being mistreated or manipulated by someone else. If provoked, you fight back to put people in their place.

You never allow people to step over you.

That fact doesn’t make you full of yourself, it only means you have a keen sense for justice and fairness.

9) You always speak with your actions

alpha personality

Alphas don’t need to shout their success to the world. Instead, they let their success speak for them.

When you say you’re going to do something, you do it. No excuses. Better yet, you do it without saying anything.

Alphas are hard workers. They focus their energy on productive things, and sometimes, talking about things is not productive.

You’d rather use your time finishing things, than saying you’re going to finish them.

10) You expect perfection in yourself

alpha personality

…and you also expect it from other people.

A lot of people believe alphas are bossy because they think highly of themselves.

That’s wrong. They expect the best from people because they give out the best of themselves, too.

Alphas believe that excellence should be in everything you do. And they don’t understand or tolerate people who settle for so much less than they can do.

Alphas are tough, but their strength comes from a deep understanding of themselves

Alphas might well be the most self-aware people out there.

Contrary to what everyone thinks, alphas are not invincible to human emotions like pain, frustration, and failure.

In truth, alphas are actually emotional and sensitive people. They are just emotionally resilient.

They are strong because they know themselves deeply—their strengths and weaknesses, their limitations.

And despite all their supposed shortcomings, they love and accept themselves completely.

That is why they are driven. That is why they are often successful.

Alphas have such a strong mindset that almost nothing can come between their goals.


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