10 things men consider major turn offs during sex

If you think that a man will take any and all sex that he can get, you might be surprised to find that many men have a list of things they don’t like during sex. So what are the turn-offs for guys?

Here are 10 things men consider a turn-off when they are in the sack. Don’t worry if you do some of these. After all, not everyone can be a perfect girl.

1) She’s Not Sure What to Do

Our bodies were meant to go together so it’s hard to believe that a woman wouldn’t instinctively know what to do; but at the very least, a woman would pick up a few things from television, the movies, or the internet right? Wrong.

Some women just have no idea how to please a man and make the mistake of thinking it’s all about satisfaction, not the journey to satisfaction.

2) She’s There But Not Present

If she just spreads her legs and checks out, guys don’t like that. Would anyone like that, really? It’s pretty gross.

If she is just letting you go to town, it’s likely that this relationship is going nowhere.

3) She Morphs Into a Porn Star

Perhaps she goes in the opposite direction: she knows wayyyyy too much about sex and positions and fantasies.

If that makes you uncomfortable, you are not alone.

Most men like to talk the talk when it comes to having crazy, over-the-top sex, but the truth is that there is a limit for everyone.

4) She Isn’t Open to Experimenting

While sex is amazing, it can get boring if you don’t take the time to jazz things up once in a while.

Guys understand that some girls might need a little time to get used to the idea of experimenting or fantasies, but he doesn’t love waiting for her to get on board with it.

5) She Barks Commands at You

Guys might not always be able to find the G-spot or give a girl an orgasm, but they are trying their best down there.

Guys hate it when girls direct them like they have no idea what is going on or what they are doing.

6) She Doesn’t Get Into It

Sex is about so much more than intercourse. It’s about touch, sensation, anticipation, energy, sounds and more.

When girls aren’t feeling like it, or they have sex just to “get it over with”, guys hate that.

7) She Doesn’t Have Confidence in Herself

Girls who hide under the covers or insist on having sex with the lights off are no fun. Guys like to roll around and have fun, and when a girl is self-conscious, it can really ruin the mood.

And who doesn’t love a confident woman? There’s just something super special about a girl who is comfortable in her own skin and doesn’t want to hide her body from her lover.

8) She Doesn’t Do Much More Than the Basics

There are about as many sexual positions as you can imagine, so it’s no wonder guys get bored with girls who always want to be on top, or who always want to be on the bottom. You gotta live a little after all.

Guys hate it when the sex becomes predictable, and it really turns them off.

9) She Pretends to be Enjoying Herself

Probably one of the worst things a girl can do is pretend to have an orgasm. There’s just no need of it.

Guys want to please women, but there’s a consensus that it doesn’t happen every time.

The more people have sex together, the more likely they are to experience orgasm together. But she’s got to be into it and relaxed enough to make that happen.

10) She’s Too Afraid to Get Rough

There’s a time for love-making, and there’s a time for hard core sex. When guys want the latter and girls don’t oblige, it can deflate the mood pretty quickly.

Girls shouldn’t be afraid to take the lead and get a little rough with a guy once in a while. In fact, when he has to do all the work, it’s a major turn-off and can ruin the mood for everyone.

There’s no shortage of ways to please a man or women, but when women aren’t having fun and enjoying themselves as much as men are, it leads to problems in the bedroom and beyond.

This article was originally published on Hack Spirit

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