10 things authentic people never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

Being authentic means being true to yourself. 

Simply put, authentic people don’t pretend to be something that they’re not. 

But how do you spot an authentic person from a fake? The answer is: you need to look out for certain traits.

Here at 10 things authentic people never do – so you shouldn’t either! 

1) They don’t fake feelings

Fake laughing, pretending to cry, forcing a smile – these are the things you’ll never find authentic people doing. 

You see, authentic people don’t feel the need to fake their feelings.

They don’t put on a show and pretend they’re feeling something that they’re not.

In other words, they’re not concerned with faking an emotion so people think of them in a certain way.

Instead, authentic people are committed to being true to themselves and expressing their emotions honestly.

They’ll let you know when they’re upset or happy.

And the good news?

It will be sincere!

2) They don’t tell others how to live

Have you ever heard of the phrase “live and let live?”…

…It’s something authentic people practice and preach.

Simply put, they live their lives and don’t feel the need to comment on how other people live theirs! 

Authentic people are far less likely to weigh in and suggest that someone should be doing something else with their lives.

In fact, it’s the last thing they would do.

You see, authentic people don’t think of themselves as better than the next person.

What’s more, they know that no one wants to be told how to live their life!

3) They listen to what other people have to say

You can spot when someone is authentic because they take the time to listen to what other people have to say.

You won’t find authentic people feeling the need to butt in and disrupt someone else’s flow.

Here’s the thing:

Authentic people are good listeners!

Chances are, they listen more than they talk.

They know they have two ears and just one mouth for a reason…

…And that reason is to learn something from others!

4) They don’t let fear control their lives

Authentic people aren’t driven by fear. 

In other words, fear doesn’t dictate their life. 

Rather, they’re in the driver’s seat!

Authentic people don’t fear that things aren’t going to go their way in life and that something catastrophic is suddenly going to happen.

What’s more, authentic people are in the present moment.

Just like they don’t let a fear of the future control their lives, they don’t hold on to the past and regret how they’ve lived their lives.

You see, authentic people are happy with their decisions and able to go to bed with a smile each day knowing they’re showing up in the best way possible.

Because they’re true to themselves, they trust that things are always working out in life.

They know that the most aligned situations will ultimately present themselves.

5) They’re not complainers

kind hearted 10 things authentic people never do (so you shouldn’t either!)

People who are authentic are less likely to be complainers.

When an authentic person opens their mouth, they don’t come out with negative complaints about life.

Here’s the thing: 

When someone really knows themselves and they make aligned decisions that they’re happy with, they have no need to complain!

Think about it: if you’re doing something that’s authentic and real to you, you’ll likely not feel as though you have anything to complain about.

It’s when someone lives an inauthentic life that’s out of line with their values that complaining creeps in.

6) They don’t blame other people

Authentic people don’t blame others when they shouldn’t.

Their default isn’t to point a finger at others when something goes wrong. 

You won’t hear an authentic person saying “it was their fault!”.

What’s more, if something does go wrong and it is their fault, they’ll put their hand up…

…And they’ll apologize.

In other words, authentic people won’t throw others under the bus and they’ll be willing to accept when they have done something wrong.

7) They don’t feel the need to overcompensate 

The relationships authentic people make are built on sincerity.

Their relationships aren’t superficial or surface level

…Instead, they’re built on deep connections, where they’re open and honest about who they are.

Authentic people put who they are on the table, and don’t feel the need to pretend to be something that they’re not.

Simply put, they don’t feel the need to overcompensate.

They know that they are enough as they are in their authentic state. 

8) They don’t put others down

You’ll notice a trend with authentic people:

They don’t feel the need to get one up on others, or hurt other people in order to make themselves feel better. 

Simply put, authentic people don’t put other people down.

They won’t make little comments or digs at another person, which are designed to make someone feel bad about themselves.

You see, the people who put others down are usually the most insecure and aren’t in touch with themselves or their sense of authenticity.

Their sense of self is fragile, and they need to put others down to help themselves feel good.

If you hear someone actively putting another person down, you can instantly tell that they’re not authentic.

9) They don’t control others

Trying to control another person is never going to end well. 

Whatever shape control takes, it causes friction and makes people feel uneasy.

Now, when someone is authentic, they will never try to control another person.

This is because they have no intention of trying to impose themselves on others.

As authentic people are happy in themselves and who they are, they don’t feel the need to exercise any level of control on others.

In other words, authentic people are not manipulators.

10) They don’t lie

With authentic people, what you see is what you get. 

If someone is truly authentic, you won’t find them lying about anything in life – from who they are to what they are passionate about. 

In other words, authentic people don’t feel the need to masquerade as something that they are not. 

Instead, authentic people show up as they are…

…And they’re happy with this version of themselves!

They have nothing to hide.

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