10 signs you’re actually living a great life, even if you don’t realize it

We often find ourselves so caught up in life’s challenges that we forget to appreciate the good parts – the parts that make our lives pretty great.

But guess what? You might be living an awesome life without even knowing it!

Let’s go through the10 telltale signs that you’re actually living a great life.

And no, we aren’t talking about having heaps of money or being internet famous.

We’re focusing on the simple yet significant things that add value to your everyday life.

1. You Wake Up Feeling Grateful

One of the most significant signs that you’re living a great life is waking up with a sense of gratitude.

You might not be in the house of your dreams or driving your favorite car, but if you wake up feeling thankful for what you have, you’re already winning at life.

Gratitude is an essential part of a great life. Whether it’s being grateful for a sunny day, a warm cup of coffee, or a text from a loved one, these little things can make you realize that life is great.

2. You Have Close Relationships

Having close relationships with people who love and care about you is a surefire sign you’re living a good life.

These don’t have to be many; even one or two people who genuinely know you, understand you, and are there for you can make all the difference.

Whether it’s a family member, a partner, or a friend, these relationships provide a sense of belonging and love that enriches your life.

They offer comfort when times get tough, they share in your joy when good things happen, and they are there to create memories with you along the journey of life.

3. You’re Constantly Learning

One thing I’ve noticed in my life is that the feeling of growth and progress is a sure sign of a great life.

It’s not about having a ton of degrees or certifications, but about being open to learning new things every day.

For instance, during the lockdown, I found myself with quite a bit of free time at home.

Instead of just binge-watching TV shows, I decided to learn how to cook. I was never a whiz in the kitchen, but I thought, why not?

So I started to experiment with different recipes and cooking techniques.

There were some epic fails, but there were also some surprising successes.

And it felt great! It was exciting to learn something new and rewarding to see my progress over time.

Plus, now I can whip up a decent meal!

4. You Have Time for Things You Love

Living a great life doesn’t always mean being busy every minute of the day. In fact, it often means having time for things that make you happy.

This could be anything from reading a book, to gardening, painting, playing an instrument, or even just taking a walk.

Hobbies can not only lower your stress levels but also boost your creativity and problem-solving skills.

So if you find that you have time in your day or week for activities that make you feel good and aren’t necessarily tied to work or responsibilities, that’s a big tick on the “great life” checklist!

5. You’ve Overcome Obstacles

Life can throw some pretty tough punches our way, and if you’ve managed to overcome those obstacles, that’s a clear sign you’re living a great life.

It might not feel like it in the moment, but every challenge we face and conquer makes us stronger and more resilient.

These hurdles could be anything from personal struggles, health issues, or financial problems.

Overcoming them doesn’t always mean eliminating them; sometimes, it’s about learning to live with them and not letting them control your life.

Remember, it’s not the absence of problems that defines a great life, but the ability to deal with them.

Your strength, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity are proof that you’re living a great life, even if it doesn’t always feel like it.

6. You’re Able to Laugh at Yourself

I truly believe that one of the most underrated signs of living a great life is being able to laugh at yourself.

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and sometimes, things don’t go as planned. It’s okay! The ability to find humor in these moments is a fantastic trait.

I remember one day when I was rushing to a meeting. I was so focused on not being late that I walked straight into a glass door, in front of everyone! Instead of feeling embarrassed, I started laughing at my clumsiness and so did everyone else. It eased the tension and suddenly, the day felt a little lighter.

So if you can laugh at your own mistakes and not take everything too seriously, give yourself a high-five. You’re not just living a great life; you’re also making it enjoyable for those around you!

7. You’ve Got Scars, And That’s Okay

We all have our battles, our heartaches, our failures. We all have scars. But if you’ve got scars and you’re still standing – still trying, still believing, still dreaming – then you, my friend, are living a great life.

Scars show that we’ve been hurt, but they also show that we’ve healed. They are proof that we can face life’s challenges and come out stronger on the other side. They are badges of honor, testifying to our strength and resilience.

If you look at your scars – whether they’re physical or emotional – and see them not as symbols of defeat but as badges of survival and resilience, then you’re definitely living a great life.

8. You Can Afford the Basic Necessities

In the grand scheme of things, being able to afford basic necessities is genuinely a sign of a great life.

It might seem simple or even trivial, but having enough food to eat, clean water to drink, a safe place to live, and access to healthcare is not something everyone in the world can say.

If you’re able to meet your basic needs and perhaps even have a little left over for some wants now and then, that’s another tick on your “great life” checklist.

9. You’re Excited About the Future

I’ve found that one of the most encouraging signs of living a great life is looking forward to what’s ahead.

It’s not about knowing exactly what the future holds, but about being excited for the possibilities it could bring.

I remember when I was planning to start my own business. I was nervous about the uncertain future and the challenges it might bring.

But amidst all those fears, there was this unexplainable excitement.

The thought of creating something from scratch, of seeing my ideas come to life, and the potential for growth – it all outweighed my fears.

So if you find yourself excited about your future, even if you have some fears and doubts, then that’s a fantastic sign that you’re living a great life.

10. You’re Not the Same Person You Were Last Year

The last sign that you’re living a great life is change. Not change in the sense of life happening around you, but change within you.

If you can look back at who you were a year ago, two years ago, ten years ago, and see a different person, that’s powerful.

You see, life is about growth and evolution. It’s about learning from our mistakes and using them to become better versions of ourselves.

It’s about being able to say, “I’m not perfect, but I’m better than I was.” This kind of self-awareness and acceptance is a surefire sign of a great life.

Remember, life isn’t always about the big moments; sometimes, it’s the quiet growth and simple joys that truly count. So keep going! You’re doing better than you think.

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