10 little known signs you’re in a twin-flame relationship

We all have that one person we are meant to be with – sometimes romantically, sometimes they come to us in the form of a close friendship.

Either way, when you find your person, it can shift everything in your world for the better. You’ll no longer feel like a part of your heart is missing and you’ll feel fulfilled in everything you do.

People have an incredible power over each other, but in order for that power to be realized, we need to come into contact with these special people in our lives.

Otherwise, we continue to feel lost and alone, even in a room full of people. If you’ve ever found someone you feel like you can’t live without – lover or friend – it’s like that you found your twin flame.

Here’s how you can tell if you have found that person that mirrors your own mission, vision and values in life.

1) It’s Like You’ve Known Each Other Your Entire Lives.

Have you ever met someone and you immediately felt like you have known them your entire life?

It’s a strange and unsettling feeling to realize you have not, in fact, met this person before, but you get along as if you were old friends or lovers.

This can be the first sign that this person is your twin flame and is meant to be in your life permanently.

2) You Can Just Tell They Are Going to Be an Important Person In Your Life.

You don’t know what role they may play, but you know that whatever they end up contributing to your life is going to be significant. You can feel it in your bones that this person is meant to be in your life and that you are meant to be in theirs.

They may even tell you that they aren’t sure who you are, but you are very important to them. Don’t be alarmed. It’s part of the twin flame process.

3) You Have an Instant, Intense Bond With Them.

Getting along with a stranger better than you get along with most friends and family can seem strange at first, but before you know it, this person is going to be spending a lot of time in your life.

Whether you work together or bump into one another in the market, you’ll find yourself drawn to them and wanting to be with them more and more.

4) You Feel Like You Literally Expand When You Are With Them.

You feel a calm and euphoria come over you when you are around them. Your desires to want more and do more are calmed when this person is around because they are all you need in your life.

They provide such balance and tranquillity in your life that nothing else is needed. You’ll be content to just sit there and enjoy each other’s company.

5) They Make You Feel Like a Better Person.

Not only do you feel an overwhelming sense of calm around this person, they make you want to be a better person overall. You’ll find yourself striving to make them happy and to make others in your life happier.

You’ll put the needs of others ahead of your own and you’ll feel proud to be associated with this person.

6) It’s Like The Waiting is Over When They Finally Come into Your Life.

You feel an instant sense of relief when this person finally makes their way into your life and although you might not know why right away, you welcome the feeling of release and relief into your life.

It is important to recognize that you are going to be on a journey with this person and that they are important to your life in some way. Be open to what it could be and you’ll soon find out.

7) You Find Yourself Drawn Back to Them Over and Over Again.

If you aren’t already in a friendship or relationship with this person, you’ll find that they come into your life in all sorts of ways: you’ll bump into one another, you’ll have the same friends, or you might even work in the same building.

8) They Serve as Your Teacher, Lover, Supporter.

When you find your twin flame, you’ll feel a renewed passion for life. You won’t worry about things because you know you’ll always have someone in your corner. There’s no need to look outside this relationship for more because they will be your everything.

9) You Don’t Have to Hide Anything From Them.

The best part of finding your twin flame is that you can be yourself. You have to be. They are your mirror image and they will recognize the areas of your life that are not authentic to you. Don’t hide who you are from this person, it will only strain the relationship.

Be glad to have a home with this person who accepts you for who you are inside.

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