10 things highly intelligent woman always do (but never talk about)

Women who are intelligent and thoughtful tend to have active minds that never rest. 

They see the world differently than most people, which makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Are you a highly intelligent woman? 

If you find yourself doing these 10 things highly intelligent women always do, you’re definitely one of them.

OK, let’s dive in!

1) They think before they speak.

You may think this is an obvious thing that everyone should be doing. 

But what I’m talking about here is that smart women will often think in a constructive way and make everyone happy before they start to talk. 

A highly intelligent woman has a much more developed sense of discernment than most people. 

They use this skill to assess the situation before they make their next move. 

They think before they talk, and make a conscious effort to choose their words wisely. 

They do not do it for the sake of appearing smart – they do it because they genuinely want to figure out what the other person is saying.

By listening rather than talking, they get to know the other person better, with no worries about offending or hurting them. 

The thought process behind any action they take is essential in determining the outcome of their actions.

They will ask questions, assess whether or not their words are hurting someone, and take appropriate action as needed. 

Of course, they aren’t afraid to speak up when it’s time.

Intelligent women can think fast and put their thoughts into words quickly enough.

They make a conscious decision about what to say or not say, which is one of their best qualities

This skill helps them avoid situations where people don’t feel good about themselves because they spoke out of turn.

2) They pay attention to the little details.

Besides thinking before speaking, smart women also pay attention to the little details before they start to speak, or do anything else.

Every woman with an active mind is a keen observer and always takes in little details that others miss. 

They ask questions about things that most people don’t.

They never let things go unnoticed and always want to know more. 

They notice nuances that others readily overlook, which helps them analyze and interpret situations more clearly. 

They keep their eyes and ears open to everything that’s going on around them. 

That allows them to make better choices about their lives, as well as decide what to do about every situation.

Intelligent women look at things from a different perspective than most people, which allows them to see the bigger picture of life.

It also makes them see issues from a different perspective than most people do.

Once they detect something different, they spend time researching it until they determine what it is exactly. 

Intelligent women tend to be very curious and want to know everything there is to know about a particular subject. 

This applies to places they are in, things they are doing, and what others are saying or doing.

They can tell how someone is feeling from the tone of their voice and recognize changes in their body language. 

And because they can perceive the feelings of others, they also know how to adjust their emotions and be mindful of them to better suit the situation:

3) They are mindful of their emotions.

Highly intelligent women tend to be conscious of their emotions. 

They are aware of what’s going on in their lives and know how to deal with the various emotions they may experience. 

This is partially due to their awareness of the world around them, which helps them become more in tune with their surroundings. 

They can choose not to act out of anger or frustration, as well as be wise when it comes to reading other people’s thoughts and feelings. 

This gives them a sense of peace and control within their environment.

This helps them recognize when people are feeling upset or lack understanding. 

As a result, they will reach out to people and show them love, compassion, and understanding.

Moreover, intelligent women are calmer than most people. 

They know that there’s a reason behind everything and they can work around it. 

This makes them far more patient and they have a better sense of appreciation for their good fortune.

In addition, they are able to manage stress.

Intellectual women will do what they can to avoid stress in their lives. 

This is one of their strongest traits because they understand that stress makes their body feel worn down and tired. 

Lack of sleep, constant exhaustion, and being constantly tired make the mind fuzzy and hard to focus, which is a sign of a lack of control. 

Stress can cause unwanted anxiety, panic attacks, hypertension, and many other health issues.

Highly intelligent women know how to manage stress, which leads them to do the next thing.

4) They separate themselves from negative situations.

While many people allow negative situations to take over their lives and develop a poor attitude, highly intelligent women learn how to focus on the positive aspects of any situation. 

They are able to see when a situation isn’t worth the time and effort they’ve invested in it. 

They can tell when something isn’t going to turn out the way they want it to, so they change their mind and move on. 

This helps them in situations where they let their emotions get the best of them. 

They know that you don’t have to put your energy into every single situation you get into, which can help you save a lot of wasted energy.

5) They don’t take things personally.

Intelligent women know that what other people think about them is not their problem. 

It’s really up to them to do whatever they want to do, and if other people don’t like it, that’s their problem. 

Most highly intelligent women don’t have time for people who can’t control themselves, so they keep their distance.

Is that difficult to understand? Well, it took me a while but I finally got there. 

Intelligent women aren’t looking for validation from others because they know they deserve those things.

Their self-worth is not dependent on other people’s opinions of them.

Highly intelligent women are confident that they are who they are and do what they do, and this allows them to go with the flow, seeing every situation as an opportunity.

They forget about their mistakes and focus on the future.

Highly intelligent women don’t allow past failures to affect their confidence in the future. In fact, they keep their focus for the future. 

6) They know how to plan ahead.

When people ask a highly intelligent woman what they are thinking, they answer truthfully and respectfully. 

Intelligent women know who they are and how to use it to their advantage. 

They have a better sense of direction, which helps them focus on the areas that they need to develop. 

Highly intelligent women know what they want to be when they grow up, which is essential in forming a plan for their life.

They won’t lose their way even if there are many confusing and complex things happening around them. 

They don’t take shortcuts.

They will think about what they want in life and work hard to get there. 

They won’t be satisfied with any sort of job or position that they can do in a few weeks. 

They know they have to work on themselves before they can become successful, which takes time and dedication.

They love spending time with intellectuals, reading books or essays that are challenging, discussing ideas and concepts, listening to classical music, watching documentaries and plays… 

They constantly ask questions, seek answers and challenge the status quo.

7) They listen more than they talk. 

Intelligent women are very adept at listening. 

They know when it’s time to stop talking and let the other person talk. 

This helps them avoid unnecessary drama and stress that can arise from having so much to say that there is no time for others.

They are keen listeners because they care about people’s feelings and know how important it is for everyone to talk. 

They know how to listen and respect what others have to say, because of this they also know how to get their point across.

They’re able to understand the tone and meaning behind what others are saying, and respond accordingly. 

To be good at listening is a sign of intelligence, but the key is to take action after the conversation. 

Intelligent women are not only good listeners but also are able to assess what people need and offer advice and support when it’s needed. 

They tend to let others speak their minds and then respond at the right time with advice that has been solicited beforehand.

Intelligent women understand that it’s not what they say but how they say it. 

This helps them get their point across without hurting the other person’s feelings. 

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8) They don’t take everything so seriously.

One of the most attractive traits that I love about intelligent women is that they have a better sense of humor than most people. 

They tend to see the funny side of situations and avoid becoming too serious about them. 

Knowing how to laugh at oneself is a great trait to have in life, especially when circumstances get intense. 

They don’t take things too seriously because they know it’s a waste of energy.

Most people say there are only two essential things in life – love and laughter. 

This is true for intelligent women who keep an eye out for the next opportunity to laugh at themselves.

They understand that not everything has to be taken so seriously. 

And they won’t fall victim to what others say or think about them because they know their intelligence is used in positive ways. 

When life gets tough, intellectual women know that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Intelligent women know what they love and what they don’t like. 

For that reason, they don’t get offended easily.

9) They are able to see the big picture.

Most highly intelligent women tend to see the bigger picture as opposed to people who get stuck in the details.

Intelligent women tend to think for themselves and draw their own conclusions about situations, which gives them a better understanding of how a situation fits into the big picture. 

They can see different perspectives when it comes to assessing a situation. 

They have an understanding of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, as well as knowing what changes are needed in order for a situation to become better in the future.

They understand that what’s happening is just one part of a bigger picture that takes place over time. 

Highly intelligent women always imagine things in their head and can see how they fit together.

Once they realize that their way of thinking is the correct way, then it’s going to be hard for anyone to change their minds.

This allows them to take things a step at a time rather than jumping into something that’s too overwhelming. 

They are able to make decisions quicker because they can assess which one is best for them and others involved, rather than involving themselves in something they’re not ready for.

10) They avoid drama at all costs.

Women who are highly intelligent are capable of seeing things clearly, which helps them avoid unnecessary drama in their lives. 

Instead of just reacting to what someone else does, they’re the ones who keep their cool, stay calm, and think things through. 

Highly intelligent women know that there is a lot more to life than arguing with people and trying to prove that they’re right. 

Things may not always be a bed of roses, but they can see clearly what is going on, and take action accordingly.

They are able to make objective observations about a situation and assess whether or not it’s worth their time. 

Drama is a sure sign of ignorance, which highly intelligent women avoid.


These habits set intelligent women apart from the rest.

We often talk about intelligence as if it’s a static, unchanging quality.

In truth, intelligence is a skill that can be improved with effort, and it grows stronger with practice. 

Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn effectively with the use of reason and logic. 

It’s not about one’s IQ score or even about having a particular IQ score. 

It’s about having the capacity to learn anything you need to, and everything you want to learn. 

You can improve your intelligence with any type of practice that helps you work through new information and challenges more quickly.

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