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10 brutal truths about relationships most men are too scared to admit

No matter how experienced you may be, being in a relationship is hard work. It always has been and it always will be.

At a time when divorce rates are skyrocketing and people are tapping out of relationships more than ever before, it’s a good idea to check yourself and find out what you really want in a relationship, and what it is going to take to maintain a good relationship before you get into one.

Here are 10 brutal truths about relationships that most men are too scared to admit.

But admitting them will save you time and energy, and get you to a happy relationship faster.

1) It’s Not All Roses and Sunshine All the Time

Sure, all relationships start out on Cloud 9, but you know, and everyone else knows, that doesn’t last forever. It can’t.

People are designed to endure tension and overcome obstacles. You just have to be willing to see past the pain points to make your relationships work.

A year from now, your relationship will look very different than it does now. Be prepared.



2) You Need to Keep on Truckin’

Don’t expect your first relationship to be your last. You can only get good at this stuff if you practice, and the only way to practice is get your heart broken a few times.

Men don’t like to admit that they got trampled on, but it helps you develop as a better person and a better lover later on.


3) Stop Expecting So Much From People

If you wouldn’t do it, don’t expect someone else to do it for you. This applies to all facets of your life.

Don’t expect women to be perfect all the time. They are human for crying out loud. Humans are flawed by nature. If you aren’t walking around crapping gold on the sidewalk, don’t expect anyone else to either.


4) Life is Not Fantasy

See above. People are real and raw and emotional, and no matter how many romantic movies you watch, your life is never going to be like that.

The sheer amount of variables that come into play when you enter into a relationship guarantees that nothing is ever going to go the way you thought it would. But that’s part of the fun!


5) You Can Only Get What You Give

If you want a partner to treat you well, treat them well. If you want your partner to do the laundry, you do the laundry. If you want your partner to be honest with you, be honest with them.


6) Things Don’t Turn Out How You Planned

Let’s say you are getting married and everything is planned down to the napkins on the table. Then it rains. And then it hails. And then the power goes out. Just chill. Life is like that.


The power is going to go out from time to time and there’s nothing you can do about it. Hold on to your partner and enjoy the ride.


7) Say What You Mean and Mean What you Say

If you find yourself started to drift from your partner, speak up. Your actions will speak louder than your words, so show your partner how you feel.

Don’t assume anyone knows how you feel about them. It can save your relationship.


8) Forget the Past

While you want to do a great deal of test driving relationships so that you can find the one that is right for you, be sure to leave those experiences behind you.


They don’t matter now and your partner doesn’t want to hear about it.


9) Learn to Swallow Your Pride

Sometimes, being in a relationship means you need to say you are sorry and put your needs behind someone else’s.

This is a tough pill to swallow, but it is necessary once in awhile to show that you are capable of being in an adult relationship.


10) Be Good to You so You Can be Good to Someone Else

People who take care of themselves are better human beings over all. If you like yourself, it is easier to like other people.

If there are things about yourself that you don’t like, you’ll find those flaws in others and it can make you turn on them. Look inward so that you can have a good relationship for years to come.

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